Friday & Saturday – days in the life of a librarian

Friday Technically I’m off because I work this coming weekend.  I cleaned the apartment, cooked, went to the gym. 

I also check  all email accounts and see a request from one of the other Librarians, she needs someone to cover the Reference Desk for her Monday, I was planning on taking Monday off, but I tell her if she can’t find anyone else I’ll do.  I end up doing it for her, which moves my day off to Friday

Time to work on presentations! 

I’m cohosting a 4 day workshop (pdf) coming up that is hosted by MOREnet & the Missouri State Library teaching Librarians about how they can use web 2.0 at their library.  We did a similar workshop in February and it was so popular that they asked us to come back and tripled our talk time. 

I’ll be doing two presenations at our upcoming state library conference in October and even though it’s early I put some time into both of these. 

I have three patron training classes left this year.  We’ve been doing series of classes including basic and advanced (I teach the advanced ones).  They have been really popular with the patrons.  I take a look at what I have left and get to work taking screen shots.

All together I worked about 5 hours today. 

Saturday  I work the Reference Desk alone & I’m the Manager on duty.  In the morning it’s a quiet day, I read blogs.  Then at 11:30 things start to get a little crazy.  One the circulation employees has to leave for a family emergency. I eat my lunch in 15 minutes then fill in at circulation until 2:00, waiving people over from the Reference Desk when they queue up there.  

Back to the Reference Desk, more blog reading where I come across Amy Kearns poll on Library Garden.  the rest of the afternoon is pretty standard, answering reference questions until I get a call from the Public Computer Center Clerk about some teen patrons misbehaving.  I head downstairs to find out what’s going on.

At 5:00pm the library closes, I count money & make sure everything is locked up then head home.  I’ll be back tomorrow to do the same thing!

This post is part of The Day in the Life project, if you’re interested in reading more  please visit the wike or if you’re interested in documenting your own day, please add your name and blog.

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