Joshua M. Neff’s big announcement

wow, blogging before I’ve finished my second cup of coffee.  It takes something pretty exciting to make that happen.  Well this IS exciting!  Josh has had us on pins and needles for the last couple of weeks, waiting for his big announcement.  He finally made it this morning!  Library Society of the World has a new website,  head over to Josh’s site to learn more and join up!  Not a member of LSW?  You should join, it’s a free, it’s causal, and you’ll meet some great people.  Josh kicked off the group with the goal of being an equal place for all people interested in libraries and doing some good in libraryland.  In his own words.

By joining the Society, you are joining a world-spanning group of library professionals and library advocates, dedicated to furthering the role of librarians, archivists, information professionals, and information educators through communication and collaboration. The LSW is about people, not buildings (although some of us think architecture is sexy). It’s about friendship, not organization. It’s about creating and fostering opportunities, not building barriers and divisions.

Go join!  Yes, even you people outside of the US, it’s Library Society of the World!

One thought on “Joshua M. Neff’s big announcement

  1. Wow, what great promotion for the LSW! Although I should say that I’m pretty sure I didn’t write all of those words on my own. The LSW is definitely a collaborative effort, and if I remember correctly, that original mission statement was, too. Which is why it’s important to get as many cool library people active in the LSW as possible!


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