Session 1 – Podcasting 101

Podcasting 101, Using Podcasting in an Academic setting by  Jodie Borgerding & Martha Allen

Piux XII Memorial Library

St Louis University


Definition of podcasting

Definition of vodcasting


What’s the buzz? Stats about tech savvy users, 1st qrtr of 2007 iPod sales reached 100 millionth rank

Oct 2007 14% of adults age 18-29 have downloaded a podcast

35% of 677 profs say podcasts are an important communication tool

Rise in pop of online videos


Uses of podcasting at other libs:

Bellevue community college life science center

Valdosta University Library – Plagiarism video

Moaine Valley Community College Library – promote lib events, record speakers

Morton College Library – national library week –

March of the Librarians – ALA Midwinter 2007

Duke University Medical Center – orientation, tour

Winona State University Library – Orientation

Sheridan Libraries – John Hopkins University – promote services

Fairfield Uni – promotion of services, Laguna Beach type of video


Planning your first project

Choose theme – think small, choose a purpose

Write script and/or storyboard

Check for copyright issues


Recording – record audio in one take, remember for every 5 min of video you’ll need 30 min of footage, you can edit out mistakes

Be aware of time issues, patrons get bored fast, break longer projects in to sections

Find people that share your excitement

Be flexible or creative


Issues to consider

Impact on visually and hearing impaired users – transcript for audio files, video should have subtitles or post script

Intellectual property – check with institution


Copyright issues with music

Very complicated

Mozart might be in public domain, but performer and producer might not be in public domain

Ascap – can buy license from them – free creative commons license


Space is the biggest issue

Server space

Storage space

Mental space

Time – so much time to edit, much more than recording


Examples of podcasts and videos


They do podcasts and videos under 4 minutes


Questions –

Do they keep stats? – yes

Do students have issues with streaming? – embedded require adobe flash

What editing software are they using? Adobe premiere elements $125, adobe premiere, can also use windows movie maker, iMovies,

Do you know how many hits you get on the old style tutorials?

How many hits are the director’s talks getting? 

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