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Libraries and Transliteracy at Computers in Libraries #cil2010

Introduction to Libraries and Transliteracyhttp://static.slidesharecdn.com/swf/ssplayer2.swf?doc=transliteracycilslideshare-100412062303-phpapp01&rel=0&stripped_title=introduction-to-libraries-and-transliteracy View more presentations from Bobbi Newman. Presented at Computers in Libraries, Monday April 13th in a session with presentations by Buffy Hamilton & Matt Hamilton (no relation) Promised links and resources: Libraries and Transliteracy Blog - a group blog by Buffy Hamilton– school media specialist, Tom Ipri - academic librarian … Continue reading Libraries and Transliteracy at Computers in Libraries #cil2010

Pivot Points for Change

This is great slideshow by Buffy Hamilton on change. I love that it emphasizes that you don't have to throw away everything and starting anew.  Rather adding new tools and technology to what you are currently doing. Pivot Points for Change: Libraries and Librarians Using Web 2.0 to Connect, Create, and Collaboratehttp://static.slidesharecdn.com/swf/ssplayer2.swf?doc=pivotpointsforlibrariesandlibrarians-090913204908-phpapp02&stripped_title=pivot-points-for-libraries-and-librarians View more presentations … Continue reading Pivot Points for Change

Freedom, Responsibility and Culture

This is a great slideshow from Netflix*  for salaried employees which discusses nine values which should be embraced: Judgement Communication Impact Curiosity Passion Innovation Courage Honesty Selflessness It's long and parts may be controversia,l but it makes some great points about what it takes to create the culture you want in your organization and it's … Continue reading Freedom, Responsibility and Culture