Each month I published my reading update over on my Tumblr, or at least I try to do it every month. I am less than successful. I think my 2015 reading year in review belongs here. Considering much of 2015 was spent in a  Ph.D. program I’m impressed with the number of fiction books I […]

I didn’t make it to ALA’s Midwinter this year, and, truth be told, I haven’t been paying attention to what’s happening there. But yesterday morning as I was going through my post-workout post-shower routine someone sent me a private message about the LITA Top Tech Trends panel. I went to Twitter to check out the […]

  This week NISO published the NISO Consensus Principles on Users’ Digital Privacy in Library, Publisher, and Software-Provider Systems (PDF). As you may remember I am serving on this committee, which we had originally hoped would wrap up in July, but is still going strong. Privacy is nuanced and opinions vary widely. Combine that with the frequent conflation of privacy and security and […]

First, let me get this out of the way – libraries are not in competition with tech companies such as Google and Amazon.  You only need to look at the search results for “what really happened to dinosaurs?” to know Google isn’t doing the best job answering reference questions. And sure they might not be […]

My readings on privacy for the NISO committee to develop a Consensus Framework to Support Patron Privacy in Digital Library and Information Systems have led me down a rabbit hole. In part, I think, because I often feel like the only dissenting member during the conference calls. There is a lot of focus on “improving […]

Below are links and slides from the Friday conference call on library patrons privacy and publisher system. + WebEx recording (3:06) Comments and links from WebEx chat Twitter archive Todd Carpenter VM#3 Privacy Publisher Systems Introduction from National Information Standards Organization (NISO) NISO Patron Privacy VM#3-Richard Entlich: user-based information offered by publishers from National Information […]

Below are slideshows and links to the conference call on Thursday that focused on privacy in vendor systems. There were very different conversations happening in the audio, chat box, and on Twitter. WebEx recording (3:05) Comments and links from WebEx chat Twitter archive Advancing Patron Privacy on Vendor Systems with a Shared Understanding from Peter […]