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Intellectual Freedom Requires Intellectual Privacy #nisoprivacy

I have quite a reading list for my work on the NISO committee to develop a Consensus Framework to Support Patron Privacy in Digital Library and Information Systems. The first meeting took place during finals, so I had not yet tackled my reading list. I have been writing and thinking about privacy for some time but not […]

Top 10 Links 2.40: Poverty, Digital Underclass, Digital Culture, e-Content & More

1. Seven Reasons Why We Need Internet Activism Now via @CathyNDavidson Privacy Intellectual Property Openness Peer-learning Free Speech Open Media Innovation 2. Amazon retroactively replaces Reamde, repelled readers revolt Amazon remade its Kindle edition of Neal Stephenson’s new novel Reamde, and is now getting reamed by disgruntled readers, GalleyCat and CNet report. The e-book had been […]