Recommendations & Testimonials

I am happy to recommend Bobbi Newman as public speaker / trainer. Having coordinated training and speaking events for nearly three decades, I’ve learned to appreciate rare gems like Bobbi. She is an event-planner’s dream. She’s punctual, readily available for communication via any method, well-prepared, self-reliant and recognized as an expert in her fields. Her prices are reasonable, her style uncommonly easy to work with and her personality warm and pleasant.

When I scheduled her as a featured speaker for Technet 2012, a conference about using technology in the library profession, she was among the few speakers who needed absolutely no assistance from event staff from the time she walked into the room until the time she left the event. It’s almost sad that – even at a conference about technology – her ability to take care of her own needs was seen as such a rare but welcome skill!

Her reputation in the worlds of library and of technology added great value to our event and, in turn, the presentation she delivered increased the number of devoted fans and followers of Bobbi Newman. I was impressed that she was interested in hearing other speakers whenever she was not scheduled to speak and that she readily accepted invitations to join several of us for dinner the night before and the night after the event. It is always a pleasure to find a speaker who not only is known as an expert but also values the knowledge and ideas of others.

Without hesitating for a moment, I recommend her for any speaking engagement
related to her many skills and abilities.

-dona weisman, M.L.I.S., Library Consultant and Event Coordinator

I very highly recommend Bobbi to speak or offer a training at your next event. She’s best-of-class when it comes to being on top of her field(s), personable, organized, prompt, and generally a real pleasure. She can hold the attention of a room, intellectually respond to even the most persnickety PhD in your audience, and your attendees with both laugh and learn. Hire her now, as I can imagine her dance card fills fast!
I hired Bobbi by tremendous recommendation for the Spring conference of the 2014 Association of College and Research Librarians (ACRL) – Iowa chapter. (See Bobbi presented both a Keynote address to ~100 academic librarians and a breakout session. From the minute we contacted her, to the day-of experience, all our touches were fantastic and our conference a tremendous success. Reviews from attendees were overwhelmingly positive. I especially appreciated her use of active learning techniques, her deep subject knowledge, and warm sense of humor.
Before becoming a librarian, I was a professional conference and event organizer for a large association of nonprofits, and did more than my share of presenter-wrangling. I know the pain of a non-communicative presenter, and Bobbi is THE MOST IDEAL kind of professional. She’s very prompt, timely, courteous, professional, and smart as a whip. Well worth your time and money.

Nicole Forsythe

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