Integrating Wellness into Zoom Meetings

Many of us are spending our pandemic days (yes, we are still in the midst of a pandemic) moving from Zoom meeting to Zoom meeting (or insert your platform of choice). This can result in mental anxiety and stress from the overwhelming number of meetings. As well as physical strain on our eyes from looking at a screen too much and our bodies from not … Continue reading Integrating Wellness into Zoom Meetings

screenshot of the Library Journal 2011 Innovator image with a red circle and a line through it.

Mover and Shaker Revoked

It is difficult to put fingers to the keyboard to write this post. There is so much happening in the world. I have tried to stay true to my commitment to take a break from social media, with limited success. Last month Library Journal gave the Seattle Public Library the  Library of the Year award. The article for the award mentions SPL’s commitment to social … Continue reading Mover and Shaker Revoked

“Making Your Library Sustainable for Your Community and Our Future” Presentation, #ALAvirtual20

Last week during the ALA Annual 2020 virtual conferences I was part of the ALA New Members Round Table (NMRT) President’s Program on sustainability and libraries. The New Member Round Table President’s Program brings together librarians with a variety of perspectives on sustainability and how it is integrated into library work. Topics of our panel discussion will include initiatives and programming in academic and public … Continue reading “Making Your Library Sustainable for Your Community and Our Future” Presentation, #ALAvirtual20

image of 5 dark flat rocks stacked on top of each other with leaves in the background. "Fostering Wellness in the Library Workplace" "Coming late 2020/early 2021 from ALA editions"

Stepping Back from Social Media To Take Time to Write and Reduce Stress

Like all of us, my world was thrown into chaos in March when libraries began measures to slow the spread of COVID-19. March 12th was the last day I was “in the office.” I have a chronic cough, which was (understandably), making people nervous, and I could work from home, so I started before the university’s official shut down. I had four trips scheduled in … Continue reading Stepping Back from Social Media To Take Time to Write and Reduce Stress

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Libraries Working From Home #LibrariesWFH

At this point, your library should be closed. The American Library Association, The Association of College and Research Libraries, and the Association of Rural and Small Libraries have all issued statements. Staff should not be required to report to work to get paid.  All of us should be getting paid. Some of us are working from home. This morning Rachel Walden suggested to me that this would be a good time to bring back … Continue reading Libraries Working From Home #LibrariesWFH

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“Fostering Wellness in the Workplace” – Book Coming Soonish

I am excited to announce that I have signed a contract with ALA Editions for a book tentatively titled “Fostering Wellness in the Workplace.” This book will be an expansion of the very popular class I developed and teach at NNLM. I am particularly excited that Twanna Hodge, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Librarian at the University of Florida will be writing Chapter 5. Chapter 5 … Continue reading “Fostering Wellness in the Workplace” – Book Coming Soonish

Why Curbside Pick Up at Your Library Isn’t Safe

Libraries are essential. Libraries are a cornerstone of community health and wellness, whether that community is the general public, a school, or a campus. We want to help. That’s our jam. It’s what we do. We help. Right now, the most important thing any library can do to help is to flatten the curve. There are now only two groups of Americans. Group A includes … Continue reading Why Curbside Pick Up at Your Library Isn’t Safe