Workplace Wellness Links, April 21, 2023

We made it through the coldest and darkest part of the year, at least here in Iowa. It definitely feels like Spring. I have continued to see improvements in my long covid brain fog. As we see warmer and longer days I’m hopeful I will have the energy to regularly share links each week. Although warmer days also means my kayak and my bicycle are calling to me and pulling me away from the computer and out of the house. 🙂 

Workplace Wellness Links for Libraries April 21, 2023

Investing in employee wellbeing pays off, survey finds Staff deliver higher productivity and performance when health and wellness is prioritized

“According to the research, four pillars – financial, social, physiological and physical health – can affect an employees decision to stay in their job. Aside from reducing sick leave, organisational wellness culture developed by senior leaders and managers was also linked significantly to these four aspects of employee health.”

Hustle culture: Is this the end of rise-and-grind?

“…overworking on purpose – and boasting about doing so – can have negative effects on workers’ mental and physical health, and subsequently may be losing its lustre, especially among some employees from marginalised groups and backgrounds. 

In the pandemic era, many people are re-prioritising what they want out of work and life: they are quitting toxic workplaces, leaning out, strengthening boundaries and carving more time for personal lives and hobbies. Plus, experts say economic uncertainty and greater awareness of inequality can make both the ideas and language of the rise-and-grind mentality feel outdated and out of touch.”

Worker wellness programs shouldn’t focus on weight loss, researchers say

Johnson suggests employers place less emphasis on losing weight, which he contends is virtually impossible long-term, and focus on pursuing a psychologically healthy lifestyle.

Researching Low Morale in Libraries

“Since 2017, Kaetrena Davis Kendrick has been researching the low-morale experiences among library workers. In her research, she has identified workplace factors and events that trigger low morale, the effects of low morale on physical and emotional health, how library staff respond to low-morale experiences, and the systems and structures that enable and perpetuate these factors.”

The Benefits of Encouraging Travel and Time Off for Employee Wellbeing

“The Importance of Time Off

    1. Reduces Burnout and Stress

    2. Boosts Creativity and Problem-Solving Skill

    3. Improves Mental and Physical Health

    4. Strengthens Work-Life Balance

    5. Increases Employee Engagement and Retention”

This article does an excellent job of highlighting the importance of having an amble time off policy and makes suggestions on how to write one and tackle challenges. 

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