“Fostering Wellness in the Workplace” Recommended by Library Journal

    It was so great to see this review of the book in Library Journal. I’m especially happy that they acknowledged Twanna Hodge’s contribution. You can get your copy here.

    Fostering Wellness in the Workplace: A Handbook for Libraries. ALA Editions. Aug. 2022. 104p. ISBN 9780838937914. pap. $49.99. PRO MEDIA Author Newman (community engagement; Univ. of Iowa) notes that libraries are dedicated to improving the lives and well-being of their patrons but fall short of doing the same for their staff. In this guide, Newman holistically addresses this shortcoming by providing ways to improve the health and wellness of library employees. While concise, this book is rich in ideas. The first chapter defines health and wellness, setting the tone for the rest of the book. Chapter two explores ways to improve the physical space inside a library, such as improvements in ergonomics, lighting, and air quality. Chapter three examines workplace practices and policies and the benefits of a living wage. PhD student Twanna Hodge takes over chapter four and writes eloquently about how diversity, equity, and inclusion help to ensure workplace wellness. Chapter five recommends concrete ways library administration and management can create a healthy workplace. This well researched guide concludes with a list of multiple references for further study. Newman acknowledges the challenges in implementing these changes but emphasizes that they are worth it, not just for the health of staff but for the library overall. VERDICT Recommended as an essential and practical resource for libraries to provide a healthy, sustainable workspace.—Dave Pugl

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