“Wellness in the Workplace: A Guide for Libraries” Booklist Webinar Recording

This week I presented on the book for an ALA Booklist webinar. If you follow me on social media you know I have some on going brain fog from long COVID. Because of that I opted to record my presentation ahead of time. I used Canva presentations for the first time. I found creating the slides really easy and I found graphics that I thought nicely matched the cover of the book and the feeling I wanted for the presentations. One challenging aspect of the Canva recording interface is that you can pause the recording but you cannot back up. So any time I made an error I either had to start over or just roll with it. So you will hear some errors in the recording because I got tired of starting over. 

You can review the slides below, it doesn’t look like the embed option includes the audio. If you would like to access the recording you can do that here


3 thoughts on ““Wellness in the Workplace: A Guide for Libraries” Booklist Webinar Recording

  1. Thank you for creating this presentation – I look forward to it and I’m sure it turned out great! When I clicked on the link to the recording it only has a slideshow of the slides that lasts about a minute. Is there any other way to access the recording? Thanks!


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