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The eight months since my last blog post have been a time of reflection for me. A lot has changed at work and in my personal life. Most of it for the better. One point of reflection that I came back to again and again is “how do I want to spend my time spend my time and energy is a way that most benefits me and others.” I stepped back from social media. I have been talking about this since 2012 and had done some prior to 2016. While I missed out on keeping up with the fantastic work that others are doing, my overall well-being is better. As I prepared to withdraw entirely from Facebook, I looked for ways to continue to share news and information about wellness in the workplace.

I get an email inviting me to speak about wellness in the workplace at least once a month. I am very fortunate that, for the time being, this topic is part of the work I do at my day job, and I can accept those invitations for free. I also know that the links and information I share in the Facebook group are valuable. I wanted a way to continue to freely share information after I leave Facebook. I explored the idea of newsletters, but I do not wish to spend my time designing one and managing one. I looked at some straightforward options, such as TinyLetter. But I finally realized that WordPress includes a subscribe option. In fact, I subscribe to several blogs this way. I have used this blog to post content similar to what I envision for a newsletter. I even have a subscribe option in the menu on the right. I have no real interest in writing a regular blog any longer. Maintaining this space allows people to continue to access resources related to workplace wellness.

Going forward, I will post twice a month, on the first and fifteenth, with occasional special announcements (like when the book is finally out!). However, it will mostly be an annotated list of news or articles for the most part. So enter your email address to receive workplace wellness news twice a month!

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