Library Staff Wellness Links Week of May 17th


When Work-From-Home Burnout Doesn’t Let Up: Expert advice for those caught in a pandemic purgatory of exhaustion and stress

burnout can’t always be entirely addressed by personal shifts. “It’s created as part of a system,” she says. “And you may not be able to yoga and meditate your way out of it.” Sometimes, she adds, you have to address the issue head-on in the workplace itself.

Building The Foundation For Mental Wellness In The Workplace

According to the CDC, the number of adults in the United States suffering from anxiety or depression has risen more than 30% over the course of the pandemic. How employers respond will directly affect organizational success, especially as mass employee turnover is predicted once the pandemic lifts. Companies that make their employees’ mental health a priority will enable their people and businesses to thrive. The foundation for this environment is built upon empathy, engagement and flexibility.



I created a new Facebook group for people interested in creating a healthy workspace in libraries. I wanted a place to discuss all aspects of creating a healthy work environment that was more egalitarian that the Facebook page for the book. Join us, share links, resources, information, and ask questions! 

For those of you who use TikTok I have a couple of account recommendations for you!