Wellness Links Week of May 11, 2021

Fuchsia, a pink and white bloom, in a hanging basketsArticles I read during the week of May 11 that made me think or stuck with me. The photo at the right is Fuchsia in a hanging basket on my patio.

How Audie Cornish Went From Feeling Like Journalism’s ‘Last Dinosaur’ To Being One Of NPR’s Top Hosts As a life-long overachiever and a person who, when they hear or think, “someone should do something” almost immediately takes on that task, this piece really resonated with me. I have thought about it a lot the last two weeks. 

Here’s the trick: You will be rewarded for working like an animal, but you also will be treated like an animal. People will keep hurling things at you. No one is going to ask you if you need help. No one’s going to ask you if it’s time to stop. When you’re really ambitious, the only thing that’s going to stop anything is you.


‘Mindfulness’ is Having a Publishing Moment – I have written about my own connection and struggles with mindfulness before. I find the practice incredibly useful, and like many, I often forget to practice what I know will help me. As part of my reading and research for the forthcoming book, I have been learning about the history of mindfulness and holistic approaches to health, especially in the United States. Many industries have attached themselves to the language around wellness and mindfulness, including religions, businesses, and others looking to profit financially or otherwise. 

If Your Brain Feels Foggy And You’re Tired All The Time, You’re Not Alone – I have always been a person who gets up almost immediately when the alarm goes off. This last year I have not only started to linger, but I have also actually turned the alarm off and gone back to sleep many times. The stress and trauma of the COVID-19 pandemic (that were are still in the midst of despite the CDC’s decision) take their tool in many different ways. 

How The Pandemic Has Strained Relationships Within Families And Friend Groups – I think this is only going to get worse, not better. Many friends with children under 12 are deeply confused and hurt by the recent CDC announcement and individuals choosing not to wear masks. Not to mention people who cannot get vaccinated and everything we still do not know about long-term effects of even “mild” COVID-19.

 Lastly, I will leave you with this timely comic as I contemplate the time I spend on social media. 


“Pearls Before Swine” by Stephan Pastis, May 10, 2021