“Moving Health and Wellness Online at Your Library” in ‘Pivoting during the Pandemic: Ideas for Serving Your Community Anytime, Anywhere’ from ALA Press

Looking back on the last year, and by year I mean since March 2020, I am amazed at what I have and have not accomplished. I missed the deadline for The book I was so excited to write. I have struggled to focus and feel motivated to write, even on something that was is very important to me, and is arguably more important than even to the library community. 

In addition to sewing and donating over 800 masks to hospitals, senior care facilities, day cares, and my friends and neighbors between March and August, I also managed to do some work related things. 

I contributed to this important book from ALA editions on providing virtual services during the pandemic Pivoting during the Pandemic: Ideas for Serving Your Community Anytime, Anywhere edited by (PLA)Kathleen M. HughesJamie Santoro. 

Table of Contents:  

  • Introduction: The Anytime, Anywhere Library
  • Chapter 1 Fostering Local Community During a Global Pandemic
    Shaun Briley
  • Chapter 2 Engaging Your Community with Digital Author Events
    Stesha Brandon
  • Chapter 3 Providing a Seamless Virtual Reference Experience
    Lauren Seegmiller
  • Chapter 4 A Genealogy Library in The Pandemic Age
    Cheryl A. Lang
  • Chapter 5 Hotspot Lending During a Pandemic
    Suzanne Wulf
  • Chapter 6 Moving Health and Wellness Online at Your Library
    Bobbi L. Newman
  • Chapter 7 Community Can Happen Anywhere
    Kate Hall & Christophe Andersen
  • Chapter 8 Triage Librarianship and Reader’s Advisory
    Paige Knotts, Sarah Lane, & Stephanie Fruhling
  • Chapter 9 Improving Accessibility in Virtual Programs and Services
    Carrie Banks & Barbara Klipper
  • Chapter 10 Storytime in the Summer of COVID-19
    Suzanne DeKeyzer James
  • Chapter 11 The Genealogy Roadshow: Using Partnerships to Enhance Virtual Programming Offerings
    DeeDee Baldwin
  • Chapter 12 Moving Job Skills and Career Readiness Online
    Ashley Welke
  • Chapter 13 Serving Older Adults During a Worldwide Pandemic
    Allan M. Kleiman & Fatima Perkins
  • Chapter 14 Never Let A Crisis Go to Waste: Removing Customer Barriers During COVID-19
    Cordelia Anderson
  • Chapter 15 Helping Students Succeed During COVID-19
    Cindy Mediavilla
  • Chapter 16 Panic, Pivot, & Press Play: Launching Virtual Services for Businesses and Nonprofits
    Gillian Robbins & Caitlin Seifritz
  • Chapter 17 Early Literacy Services During Library Closures
    Rachel Payne & Jessica Ralli
  • Chapter 18 Tech Support in Public Libraries During the COVID-19 Shutdown
    Luke Thompson
  • Chapter 19 Moving Book Clubs and Advisory Online
    Becca Boland
  • Chapter 20 The Connecting Power of Social Media
    Tiffany Breyne
  • Chapter 21 Continuing Cultural Inclusivity Programming During COVID-19
    Nicanor Diaz, Virginia Vassar Aggrey, & Naghem Swade
  • Chapter 22 Walk This Way: Service Design for Clarity in A Disaster
    Jeffrey Davis
  • Appendix: Understanding Your Library’s Impact: Assessment and Evaluation of Virtual Services
  • About the Contributors

You can view the webinars I reference in the book on YoutTube

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