Public Libraries Respond to the Opioid Crisis with Their Communities Call to Action

cover of the "Call to Action. Public Libraries and the Opioid Crisis" report from PLA, WebJunction, and OCLCFor the last six months or so I’ve been serving on the advisory board for the Public Libraries and the Opioid Crisis a joint PLA and OCLC project funded by IMLS with the goal of learning how public libraries are responding to the opioid crisis in their communities. 

Last week the final piece of the project was released, the Call to Action. It includes ideas, and resources to support libraries as they develop response strategies, and encourages libraries to:

  • Evaluate local health data
  • Seek community partners
  • Educate staff and community members on the issue
  • Consider the need for staff care
  • Offer programs and services that support local needs.

You can read the Summary Report and Case Studies on the website, as well as watch recordings of past webinars.

Please join us on March 31 for the final webinar Call to Action: Public Libraries and the Opioid Crisis

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