The Book – Protecting Patron Privacy

I am so excited to announce that Protecting Patron Privacy: LITA Guide edited by me and Bonnie Tijerina is out!


Description: Although privacy is one of the core tenets of librarianship, technology changes have made it increasingly difficult for libraries to ensure the privacy of their patrons in the 21st-century library.  This authoritative LITA Guide offers readers guidance on a wide range of topics, including

  • Foundations of privacy in libraries
  • Data collection, retention, use, and protection
  • Laws and regulations
  • Privacy instruction for patrons and staff
  • Contracts with third parties
  • Use of in-house and internet tools including social network sites, surveillance video, and RFID

This was a long time in the making! I want to thank our contributors for their time and patience with the publishing process.

  • Michael Zimmer
  • Deborah Caldwell-Stone
  • Matt Beckstrom
  • Andrew Asher
  • Bill Marden
  • Melissa Morrone
  • Martha Lerski and Stefanie Havelka
  • Julie Oborny

and of course my co-editor Bonnie! I had no idea what I was getting into when I signed up to edit this book. I learned a lot!


Rowman and Littlefield 

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