2015: A Reading Year in Review

Each month I published my reading update over on my Tumblr, or at least I try to do it every month. I am less than successful. I think my 2015 reading year in review belongs here. Considering much of 2015 was spent in a  Ph.D. program I’m impressed with the number of fiction books I managed to squeeze in.

2015 Books

Goodreads generated this lovely graphic. Which is funny because I didn’t really like two of the books that make a promenade appearance. I had to force myself to finish Ash: A Secret History. It was recommended to me when I asked for recommendations of books with strong female protagonists, I didn’t find her particularly strong, and there were way too many pages devoted to the military aspects of the story. Second, Wild. Sorry, I know many people loved it, but I just didn’t think much of Cheryl. Oddly enough, the least popular book was a great help to me during my program. If you’re doing qualitative analysis I highly recommend it. Other than that I’ve indicated which books I recommend on my list, and I’d love to hear your recommendations,  so without further ado!

Currently Reading




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