I Want Your Feedback on the #NISOPRIVACY Principles


This week NISO published the NISO Consensus Principles on Users’ Digital Privacy in Library, Publisher, and Software-Provider Systems (PDF). As you may remember I am serving on this committee, which we had originally hoped would wrap up in July, but is still going strong. Privacy is nuanced and opinions vary widely. Combine that with the frequent conflation of privacy and security and you have complicated issues that take time to resolve. (Though, in all fairness I am not sure I would call them resolved.)

The committee has released the principles for comment. The end document is seven pages long and contains 12 principles:

  1. Shared Privacy Responsibilities
  2. Transparency and Facilitating Privacy Awareness
  3. Security
  4. Data Collection and Use
  5. Anonymization
  6. Options and Informed Consent
  7. Sharing Data with Others
  8. Notification of Privacy Policies and Practices
  9. Supporting Anonymous Use
  10. Access to One’s Own User Data
  11. Continuous Improvement
  12. Accountability

I would love to hear feedback about the document: what we got right, what we got wrong, what we left out, etc. Feel free to leave a comment here to send me an email bobbi.newman AT gmail.com.

You can find recordings of the meetings and calls and more information about the project the NISO site.

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