New Tumblr Blog – Librarian by Day Notebook

For a while now I have been struggling with an issue – how and where should I post stories, news, and information relevant to libraries and the issues that are important to me (digital literacy, digital divide, technology policy, etc)? I am trying to focus more on conversation and less on link sharing on my Twitter account. I have done a good job of cutting back on the link sharing, but not so well with the conversation aspect. I don’t want to share links on this blog without adding my own commentary and thoughts to posts. I tried using Facebook but with the newsfeed algorithm and other issues I do not care for it and it hasn’t been very successful. I have finally found a solution! Tumblr. I have had a Tumblr account for years and played with it off and on but could never find a use for it. It was a solution looking for a problem. After some tweeking I finally have it set up to do what I want/need from sharing resource: allow resharing and sharing on other social network sites easily, search the archives, tag posts for easy location & organizing (cuz librarian!) and allow comments.

So for those of you who have enjoyed the information, articles, and other resources I’ve shared over the years (I still miss Top Ten Links!) I give you The Librarian by Day Notebook.

librarian by day notebook

I’m referring to it as my notebook to indicate (hopefully) that it is clippings, links, and short notes, not blog posts written by me. You can subscribe via RSS, email, or through Tumblr if you’re a Tumblr user. I will be posting the type of content you are used to seeing here on the blog in posts such as Top Ten Links, and via Twitter.


2 thoughts on “New Tumblr Blog – Librarian by Day Notebook

  1. I myself have recently spent time considering the management of my online presence. I want to be more involved in the creation of online content and discussions, but there is such an abundance of social media platforms (blog, Facebook, twitter, tumblr, google+, pinterest, linkedin, etc), I wanted to create a visual map to help me organize my thoughts and that would also serve as a cheat sheet to help me decide what to post and where to post it. I follow some users who cross-post everything but I don’t think that method works for me… I tend now to glaze over their posts due to content overload and/or repetition.
    I like your idea of using tumblr as a notebook or scrapbook. I’ve been using pinterest for this kind of stuff, but I often run into a problem when there is “no pinnable content” on a website. There’s a way to hack this by manually creating then editing a link, but it’s not an efficient/easy process.


    1. Hi Lindsay
      I ran into the same issue with Pinterest. I’m finding that Tumblr works quite well – I don’t feel guilty posting a flood of links to Facebook or Twitter and the theme I chose makes searching or browsing by tag easy.


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