Disruption as Opportunity #OLASC14

On January 30, 2014 I delivered the Ontario College and University Library Association Spotlight speaker address at Ontario Library Association Superconference, Toronto Canada. As usual my slides are not intended to stand alone but I am posting them at the request of attendees and to provide easy to access to my references/recommended reading list. Enjoy! Disruption as Opportunity – Spotlight Speaker from Bobbi Newman References/Recommended … Continue reading Disruption as Opportunity #OLASC14

Tips, Must Haves, and Where to Eat and Drink for #alamw14

http://www.flickr.com/photos/lassec/4309161412/player/ Unfortunately I won’t be in Philly but I’ve updated my suggestions for those who are going. First, I don’t check a bag when I travel, I haven’t for years, so many of my suggestions are based on maximizing the space I do have. I usually still manage to bring several pairs of shoes though I stick to comfortable ones for big conferences like ALA. … Continue reading Tips, Must Haves, and Where to Eat and Drink for #alamw14