Reflecting on Library Day in the Life Round 8 #libday8

I *heart* you book librarian

Wow! Hard to believe when this all started I could read all the posts by all the bloggers. Now I couldn’t if I wanted to, never mind the tweets.

Some numbers from Round 8 of the Library Day in the Life Project,

Twitter has made it increasingly hard to get data from Tweets by closing access for services such as WhattheHashTag and TwapperKeeper, so I don’t have the numbers from Twitter like I have in the past.  My best estimate is that there were over 1,000 people tweeting with the #libday8 hashtag.

From the wiki:

  • 350 people have registers
  • 20 Countries including: Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Mongolia, New Zealand, Scotland, Serbia, South Africa, Sweden, The Netherlands, Tobago & Trinidad, England, USA, Wales
  • 15 types of libraries including:academic, art, corporate, college, media, school, health, government, independent, law, museum, news, non-profit, public, research, special. It also include participants from library associations, vendors, and consulting and contracting agencies.

I’ve mapped out the participants below. I am so pleased and proud that this has grown to a truly international project. (Hopefully we will be able to add more from Asia and South America next round)

View Libday8 in a full screen map

Thanks to Andromeda for inspiring me to learn how to make a map of participants, though I used a different method.

Flickr Pool


Thank you to everyone who participated, helped me troubleshoot, and brainstormed with me!

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