Top 10 Links 2.26: Google+, Digital Illiteracy, Staying Positive and More!

My personally selected top ten from the links I shared on Twitter 6.25.2011 through 7.1.2011.

1. Definitely! RT @pcsweeney: Could Google+ Ruin Your Online Personal Brand? great post from Patrick Sweeney that will get you think about what information we’re supplying Google and others.

I started thinking about the amount of metadata that we are creating for each other and about each other. I started thinking about twitter lists, facebook groups, and other classifications in the multitude of social media platforms that we, our company, or our brand, is being put into against our will and without our control.

2. PBS Launches LearningMedia, Digital Repository for Ed Content via @hackeducation #iste11 @audreywatters #ala11 – this is a prek through 13+ resource. Check it out!

PBS is launching a new repository of digital resources for educators today. PBS LearningMedia offers free access to thousands of pieces of digital content, including videos, interactive media, and support materials. That material comes not just from PBS, but from over 30 local member stations, as well as from other publicly funded organizations including the National Archives, NASA, and the Library of Congress.

3. The Digital Era Needs Human Guides: Why Your School Should Keep, Not Cut, the Librarian via @SpotlightDML

As we’ve demonstrated in our coverage, just because kids are computer savvy doesn’t mean they know how to be information literate. In fact, studies show this generation isn’t as knowledgeable as stereotypes of digital-savvy millennials may lead us to believe.

recent study by Project Tomorrow calls the school librarian the “go-to” person to identify websites for classroom use, create collections of resources for curriculum support, and to find specific digital content, such as podcasts and videos, to support classroom lessons.

4. Users for Sale: Has Digital Illiteracy Turned Us Into Social Commodities? via @brewinlibrarian read this. Seriously, read it.

The easiest way to figure out who the customer is in an online space is to figure out who is paying for the thing. Usually, the people paying are the customers. So on Facebook, the people paying are marketers. That makes them the customers. And it means we are the product being delivered to those customers

5. Unbelievable RT @theREALwikiman: Wow, this is the worst thing about libraries / librarians I’ve ever seen Save our libraries, fire the librarians via @daveyp

6. “Crafting a good 140 character tweet on Twitter is truly an art via @ericrumsey @PCMag 15 tips on getting the most out of your 140 characters

7. Trans-what? A Day of Literacies at the ALA Annual Conference #transliteracy @librarianwilk @gcaserotti @Tombrarian a recap of the Why Transliteracy presentation from the ALA Conference.

8. Working Toward Transliteracy #ala11 @Matherita @brewinlibrarian @ValentineLuLu @kongtemplation @lillylibrarian a recap of the Working Towards Transliteracy Panel.

9. second! RT @pbromberg: Enjoy a little morning inspiration! Loving@Philbradley: What librarians & Google are for...

Also read Net Potters thoughts on Google vs Librarians  Why I’d quite happily never read another comparison between Google and Libraries ever again

10. Give Yourself a Reality Check to Stay Positive at the Office even w hen you love your job there are times when its hard to stay positive.


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