Now the Real Work Begins

Yesterday while I was traveling and taking some much needed downtime away from the internet ALA announced the results for their recent elections. I was pleased to see my bid for Councilor-at-Large was successful. Thank you to everyone who voted for me and for all your support. I hope to live up to expectations, I represent YOU, so feel free to email, message, DM or whatever with questions and concerns. I got some great responses on my post, I Want to Know Your Thoughts on ALA. Love it? Hate it? Tell Me Why, I read each one carefully and thoughtfully.

This also seems like the time for a couple of other “look at me” announcements!

OITP Advisory Committee – Earlier this year I was asked to serve on the OITP Advisory Committee, and I accepted. This service begins after Annual this year and lasts for two years. This is exciting on so many levels. As you know, I’ve expressed concerns about the digital divide, the failure of other institutions to recognize the role of libraries in the access to the technology and skills needed to bridge that divide, and I believe being involved with OITP will allow me to work to make a difference on a larger scale.

OITP Digital Literacy Task Force – As if that wasn’t exciting enough, a couple of weeks ago I was asked to serve as the LITA representative on the OITP Task Force on Digital Literacy. I’ve alluded to it on a couple of blog posts but thought I’d make it “official”. Service on this Task Force begins immediately and runs through June 2012. This is a new task force and we haven’t met yet so I don’t have much to share at this point, other than excitement that there IS a task force on digital literacy. Stay tuned for more details! 🙂

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