Library Day in the Life Project In The Guardian #libday6 #echolib

I was thrilled to discover the Library Day in the Life Project was mentioned in a recent article in The Guardian for a couple of reason. First it awesome to see it mentioned in The Guardian!

Second, Emma Cragg and Katie Birkwood have written a great article highlighting what it takes to be a librarian today. Beyond books: What It Takes to be a 21st century Librarian: From Connecting With People to Keeping Up With the Latest Technologies, There is a Whole Lot More to the Job Than Stamping Due Dates:

As well as being good communicators with people and active adopters and exploiters of technological developments, librarians need to have detailed specialist subject knowledge to pass on to library users. Librarians provide training to show people how to search for information and evaluate what they find. These information skills sessions are now expanding to include digital literacies such as how to stay safe online, the use of social media sites and online collaboration tools.

Third, The article also includes mention of Ned Potter’s Library Routes Project which accepting participants, so if you haven’t blogged your library route or roots do it today!

The idea is to document either or both of your library roots – how you got into the profession in the first place, and what made you decide to do so – and your library routes – the career path which has taken you to wherever you are today. As well as being interesting of itself, it will also provide much needed information and context for those just entering the profession or wishing to do so..

Fourth, the article is a great example of librarians and The Library Day in the Life Project escaping the Echo Chamber in libraryland.

Well done Emma, Katie and Ned!

5 thoughts on “Library Day in the Life Project In The Guardian #libday6 #echolib

  1. I must say, we had the easy job. Writing about the project is one thing but we wouldn’t have been able to do that if you hadn’t set it up in the first place. So I think we should be thanking you 🙂


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