How Far Do You Go to Reduce Drama and Protect Your Privacy on Facebook?

Earlier this week I came across this post Risk Reduction Strategies on Facebook in which danah boyd talks about the practices teens undertake to reduce privacy issues and drama on Facebook.  I found it fascinating, not just because of the efforts they put into it, its not easy, but because I do a few of these things and I don’t know of anyone else who does. My efforts seem a little pathetic next to theirs.

One of the girls deactivates her account anytime she’s not on Facebook, these keeps people from posting on her wall and browsing her content when she isn’t around. Another deletes all activity shortly after its posted.

I delete all “recent activity” posts immediately or as soon as I return to a PC.  It annoyed me to no end when Facebook removed the setting that allowed me to turn this off.

I delete old photos, not all of them, just ones I don’t want up any more for one reason or another. Though I probably will delete everything from 2009 soon.*

I delete old status updates, again not all of them, just ones whos moment has past.

What efforts do you make to reduce potential drama or protect privacy?

*Yes I’m aware of the reports that photos are still on the server.

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4 thoughts on “How Far Do You Go to Reduce Drama and Protect Your Privacy on Facebook?

  1. I never thought of deactivating frequently – that’s really interesting. I, too, delete all recent activity updates. I still hate that they took that privacy setting away – what would it have hurt to keep it?

    One thing I wish I had control of (maybe this is where deactivating would be helpful?) is knowing when my posts appear in Top News, and how to stop it. Most of them I don’t care, but I’ve noticed that in Top News I can see where my friends have posted on complete strangers’ walls (or liked their posts) – people I’m not friends with or have a relation to in any way. That makes me think that people can see posts of mine on non-mutual friends’ walls as well — which means I really have no privacy even though FB would like me to believe that I do.


    1. Lauren I’ve had that same thought and concern when a friend’s activity on a non-friend’s page shows up in the Top News feed. I need to investigate further. I sort of assumed that the non-friend didn’t have their privacy settings tight enough but next time I see it will click through and check out what I can see on their profile.


  2. wow. the deactivating is pretty extreme. i always have my “chat” off — and i def. delete all my activity [who i’ve friended, what i’ve “liked,” etc.] even tho i know it goes to the my friends’ feeds anyway, i see no reason for it to be “permanent” or automatically added to my wall.


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