Post at Broadband for America: Libraries Are Essential for Bridging the Gap

Modem PortsA while back I was approached to write a guest post for Broadband for America. I jumped at the chance to let others (outside of libraries) know how importance of the role of libraries in equal access to broadband.

Read the post Libraries Are Essential to Bridging the Broadband Gap and the Digital Opportunity Gap

As we see a push by The National Broadband Plan from the FCC and organizations like Broadband for America to make high-speed Internet access available to every household in America, we need to take a realistic look at the role libraries will play.  The benefits of access to broadband are widely documented; it is the gap in access we need to address.

About Broadband for America

“Broadband for America’s mission is to make broadband access to the Internet available to every household in the nation; to provide data transfer speeds to make that broadband experience valuable to users; and to provide the bandwidth necessary for content providers to continue to make the Internet a cultural, societal, and economic engine for growth.”

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