Top Ten Links Week 38 – Positive Feedback, Library Trends, TechnoLiteracy and More

green clock 10 by holeymoonMy personal select top ten from the links I shared on Twitter 9/17/2010 through 9/23/2010. The best of the best and/or the most important stuff I tweeted last week.

1. read this. bookmark it. live it. The Power of Positive Feedback

Mere acknowledgment of good performance increases the probability of more good performance. And specificity of feedback — telling the person exactly what you liked about what they did andwhy you liked it — dramatically increases the likelihood of that performance occurring again.

2. a Must read! RT @vonburkhardt: Good post by @aarontay about hype | A few heretical thoughts about library tech trends – Aaron Tay takes a close look at mobile websites, QR codes and SMS reference and, I gotta say, I agree with him.

This is a blog devoted to covering new tech that might be used for  libraries to benefit users. That said, there are times when I wonder whether some of the current tech trends that are hot now will end up being duds or dead ends (in fact some definitely will, the million dollar question is which ones!).  It’s very easy to get into a condition that some have dubbed as “techno-lust”, so let me play devil’s advocate this once and share with you some heretical thoughts I have had about library tech.

3. Technology Literacy, A Journey, Not a Destintation – this post from the Libraries and Transliteracy blog looks a recent NYT magazine article about technoliteracy.

4. Facebook not just spying on you, now censoring you too RT @msauers: Activists upset with Facebook

Grass-roots activists organizing boycotts against large corporations like Target stores and BP now find themselves directing some of their ire at another corporate monolith: Facebook.

The boycotters turned to the popular social media site to spread word about their pressure campaigns and keep participants up to date on the latest developments, but those efforts became much more difficult last week when Facebook disabled key features on the boycott pages.

5. Libraries in a digital age should revolve around inquiry, immersion, information literacy. Informative SlideShare.via dmlcentral read the post for more information, slideshow below.

6. Manifesto for 21st Century School Librarians By Joyce Kasman Valenza – I think Joyce’s list applies to all librarians.

7. another great post by @ijclarkLibraries: The Foundation for a Democratic SocietyIan is a UK librarian but much of what he writes is applicable in the US

Libraries and librarians have an important role in ensuring that all sections of society are brought into the democratic process. Indeed, in 1990, the American Library Association adopted a policy entitled ‘Library Services for the Poor’ which stated:

…it is crucial that libraries recognize their role in enabling poor people to participate fully in a democratic society, by utilizing a wide variety of available resources and strategies.

Former US President, Franklin D Roosevelt, also underlined the importance of public libraries in a democratic society, describing them as

the great symbols of the freedom of the mind….essential to the functioning of a democratic society.

8. For Soon-to-be Librarians with Little Professional Involvement and Networking – Library Hat – a great round-up of advice and suggestions for new (and not so new) library school grads

9. Kindle Android app now has voice search & annotations. This is how eBooks *should* be done. (from @mashable): via Strng_Dichotomy @TheLiB – just one more reason to love my Kindle
and I echo Sarah’s sentiments  this is how eBooks should be done!

10. 5 Wonderful Ways to Waste Your Time, Focus and Life – another great post from the Positivity Blog, I love that each one includes “what to do instead”

  1. Create drama.
  2. Lack energy.
  3. Be judgmental and gossipy.
  4. Think that people care very much about what you do.
  5. Have endless discussions that just go around and around in your head.

Bonus Quote:

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change ~Darwin#TEDxChange

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