Transliteracy is Now a LITA Interest Group

I’m thrilled to announced that there is a Transliteracy Interest Group within the Library & Information Technology Association( LITA) division of the American Library Association (ALA).

I think Tom said it best in his announcement:

I often joke that I get more accomplished at conferences at the bar after the sessions are over than I do during the conference. Well, here is a rather clear result that began as a conversation over drinks

I was in Boston for Midwinter and on the last day of the conference met some people including the fabulous Lisa Carlucci and Tom Ipri for drinks.  Libraries and Transliteracy wasn’t even a blog then but Tom and I knew we wanted to promote the concept.  Thanks to a suggestion and encouragement by Lisa we began working on the Interest Group.

I was a little leery of putting it within LITA as people often think Transliteracy is just about technology and I was concerned this would only further confusion. But I think LITA is the best home for the group.

We will continue to blog at Libraries and Transliteracy (keep your eyes open for some new authors!). We will be using ALA Connect for official Interest Group business, you do not need to be a member of ALA to join Connect and be a member of the group.  We also have the Google Group (which we aren’t really using) and Facebook page for L&T business not related to ALA.

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