eBooks: Libraries at the Tipping Point – A Virtual Summit

If you’re interested in the issues surrounding ebooks and libraries take a look at this upcoming virtual summit from Library Journal and School Library Journal.* Early Bird Registration is available until August 13th.

ebooks: Libraries at the Tipping Point will bring together public libraries, academic libraries, and school libraries (K-12) in a day-long virtual conference environment. The day will be presented online and will include keynote presentations and panel discussions on the evolving concept of the book in a digital world and will keep participants future-focused and actively engaged in visioning and assuring an exciting role for libraries. Attendees will have access to webcasts and live chat rooms as well as the ability to interact with speakers and exhibitors.

Librarians and library administrators will learn about current best practices for library ebook collections and explore new and evolving models for ebook content discovery and delivery.

Publishers and content creators will learn how to effectively identify and develop the ‘right’ content offerings for each segment of the relatively untapped library ebook market.
Ebook platform vendors and device manufacturers will learn just what libraries need and want in this rapidly changing environment.

The Summit will last all day with keynotes and panels for issues such as hot topics,  public, school, or academic libraries.

*disclosure I am a panelist at this event.

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