Top Ten Links Week 29- Logo Contest, Speaker Tips, Finding Time, The Value of Privacy, and More

My personal select top ten links from Twitter 7/16/2010 through 7/22/2010. The best of the best and/or the most important stuff I tweeted last week!

1. Logo Contest Entry – John LeMasney « Libraries and Transliteracy – Libraries and Transliteracy needs a logo so we’ve opened up a contest.

2. Logo Contest Entry – Nate Hill « Libraries and Transliteracy @natenatenate

3. The networked speaker: 10 ways to make the most of your next gig via @dontgetcaught – some great tips from one of my new favorite blogs

  1. Business cards
  2. QR (quick response)
  3. A special website for advance information
  4. Followup on the web
  5. Work your social networks.
  6. Work the room before you speak
  7. Work the halls after
  8. Keep better track of those you meet in person.
  9. Learn about co-presenters and panelists in advance
  10. Work with your organizers.

4. a must read! “How would the Dalai Lama tell people to F**K off?” Finding that sweet spot btwn polite & assertive – enough said

5. How to Find Time to Learn Something New or Tackle a Passion Project – post from Lifehacker on how to squeeze all those extras into your life.  Very in nice in relation to my post earlier this week on finding time.

6. Interesting NYT piece on privacy as assumed or not & consequences – The Economics of Privacy Pricing basically if you start off with privacy you value it more, if you have some privacy and someone takes it away you get upset. If you have none and someone offers you some in exchange for something like cash, you might not be willing to pay up.

7. New blog post from @Cindi Take Pictures, Tell Stories: Creative Commons and You via @ALA_TechSource – another great post from Cindi Trainor in her photography series. I have them all bookmarked!

8. cool and creepy – Discovery and Facebook Show How a Pandemic Could Affect You -ok this probably should have been number one because it’s so cool and creepy at the same time.  Really check it out.

The website created by this application shows a fake newsfeed featuring your friends’ names and profile images alongside status updates, links, pictures, and comments about the disease, government-mandated quarantine zones, emergency services availability (or lack thereof) and much more. You’ll even see some watchable, UGC-style videos created by Discovery in the feed.

The updates contain all the trappings of real social media posts — ribbon-bedecked avatars, hashtags, how-to posts — but with a scary, sad, survivalist twist.

9. read this! – some great information on Amazon’s announcement – eBook vs. Hardcover: Beyond the Headlines – recently announced that sales of the kindle format top sales of print books.  This article takes a close look at responses across the web and what the announcement really means.

10. great post Andy! RT @vonburkhardt: New blog post Reflections on Two Years as a Librarian Andy Burkhardt’s reflection on his first two years as a librarian has some great advice.

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