Old Spice, New Spice and Libraries

Check out this awesome library parody of the Old Spice Commercials from The Harold B. Lee Library Multimedia Unit. I’m seriously impressed with the idea behind and the implementation of this video.

And this video from Old Spice in response to my friend Andy Woodworth and others on Twitter.

14 thoughts on “Old Spice, New Spice and Libraries

  1. I absolutely love the BYU parody, but the one thing about the library it neglects to mention is the fact that there are librarians there who can help you.


  2. .: I welcome this video with open arms. The Librarian Gaga video and Library 101 video are, well, awful, embarrassing and lame. This one is such a relief from the ones that look amateurish and make us as librarians look like frumpy nerds. More power to the BYU media team that made this. I hope we see more like them.


  3. @Jenny: if you check out the other videos you’ll see that they talk about a lot of library resources (reference & subject specialist librarians, databases, etc.). Admittedly, those videos have ~500 views and the Old Spice one is pushing 170,000… 😉


  4. Thank you for your awesome blog & post…and not minding me quoting & linking back to you! Would it be selfish & pushy to want that Old Spice guy to talk about school libraries? Zombie plans? But no….it’s over. It was good while it lasted…but really, would you want to listen to an hour of that at ALA? Just curious your thoughts on that.


    1. I really enjoy the video but I have no interest in him being a keynote speaker at ALA or anywhere else. He is funny and does a great job but I haven’t seen anything to indicate what the information and ideas he would share, so no I can’t say I would.


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