Top Ten Links Week 23

My personally selected top 10 from the links I shared on Twitter from 6/4/2010 thru 6/10/2010

1. great list of people to follow! – My Personal Learning Network of Librarians & Library Trainers By @MLx – this pretty self explanatory, Marianne has put together a great list

2. 10 Ways to Use Google Books for Lifelong Learning and Research via @MLx

  1. Build Your Own Personal Library for Lifelong Learning
  2. Your Very Own Magazine Stand
  3. Try the Advanced Book Search
  4. Share Your Library with Others Search for Specific Text within Your Own Collection
  5. Find Copycats
  6. Get the Meanings of Words in Context
  7. Search for Other Editions or Related Books
  8. Download Google Books for Offline Reading
  9. Quench Your Hunger for Strange Knowledge

3. We’re excited about @GirlUp, a new campaign launched by @UNFoundation to unite girls to change the worldGirl Up website – seriously awesome

No matter where they live in the world, girls are bright, talented, and full of dreams. But too many girls growing up in developing countries aren’t able to fulfill those dreams because their chances to go to school, stay healthy, and live free from violence are out of reach.

The United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up is a campaign for girls, by girls.Join us now and transform girls’ lives.

4. a must read! on managing info overload or filter info from Clay Shirky in the What I Read via @AmandaClay from the Atlantic

How do other people deal with the torrent of information that pours down on us all? Do they have some secret? Perhaps. We are asking various friends and colleagues who seem well-informed to describe their media diets. This is from an interview with Clay Shirky, a prominent thinker on the Internet and its social and economic consequences. He is the author of Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations and a forthcoming book called Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age. He also teaches about new media at New York University and consults for a wide-range of clients including the BBC, the U.S. Library of Congress and Nokia.

5. How the the 21st Century Brain Affects Creativity very relevant to #transliteracy via @suethomas @ajkeen @DanielPink

6. New blog post from @Cindi Take Pictures, Tell Stories: Flickr Extras Read about how to take great library photos! – this photography series by Cindi Trainor is great!

7 . A Lesson from Zappos: Follow the Golden Rule this article looks at how Zappos approaches relationships with their vendors. How could libraries have a relationship like this with our vendors?

8. The end of busy –  another great post from ZenHabits, this site helps me keep my sanity 🙂

Stop being busy and your job is half done.

Think about how busy we are, and how it has become a way of bragging: I’m so busy, I must be important.

“I have a million things to do! I never have time for anything! I can’t slow down — I’m too busy.” This is thought to be a good thing in a society where we must be productive, active, occupied.

But it’s a fool’s game. Busy is simply noise, action without meaning, lots of little unimportant things rather than a few important ones.

Stop being busy. Just decide to stop, today.

9. Great article! How we read online – an old but good article that breaks down how we read online. Some good tips for bloggers in there too.

10. Is the Internet Making Us Smarter or Dumber? Yesyou’ve probably heard the arguments from both sides of this debate. Its not so black or white.

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