Computers in Libraries Wrap Up in Tweets #cil2010

As always conferneces are amazing and intense and I’m left with huge amounts to process when I get home. Here is what I’m thinking about (in bold) & the tweets that inspired it.

  • Team Work – RT @jlborgerding: Three things needed in order for the team approach to work – Flexibility (Key!), Creativity, Innovation #cil2010
  • Leading from the Middle – RT @lisacarlucci: “Gen X Librarians: Leading From the Middle” #cil2010 #genx
  • Staff time costs, especially right now. Nothing happens by magic – RT @purlibrarian: Note to self: remember to count staff time costs when planning to adopt new technologies (invisible costs). #cil2010
  • Easy is relative. Don’t make others feel bad by saying its easy. – rt @strng_dichotomy Don’t say it’s easy make it easy! Not everyone is comfortable with tech #LMS#CiL2010
  • We really need a better catalog. Really.  RT @quinnrosie: “As soon as the user clicks the link to the catalog, they’re in the ghetto.” – John Blyberg. Um, yes. #cil2010 & The Library Catalog Ghetto – Why Apple & Google Win – And Libraries Don’t #CIL2010 –
  • Innovation doesn’t happen by accident, we must create an environment where it can flourish. – RT @sarah_pants: RT @tminchew: Innovative staff members need to be given positions in the library where they can be change agents. #CIL2010
  • Keep on eye on the other hand, ignoring it wont make it go away or less of a threat. – Technology is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other.” -C.P. Snow #CIL2010

I love the visualization you get from putting data into,  so I put in the tweets from the first day to see how transliteracy faired. Not bad if I do say so myself.  🙂 Many thanks to Matt & Buffy for helping create such a wonderful session.

CiL2010 April 12th tweets in wordle

Then for the whole conference

CiL2010 tweets in wordle

Orginals can be found at:

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