National Broadband Plan & Digital Literacy Corps

If you haven’t heard on March 16th the FCC submitted its National Broadband Plan to congress.  I was excited to read it included a proposal for Digital Literacy Corps, so I’ve been following any news about it. On March 26th there was an international briefing (pdf) which included some more information. is a great resource of information about the FCC’s proposed National Broadband Plan. It also includes a broadband speed test, a form to report a broadband dead zone, progress on the plan and more.

I am intrigued by the Share Your Stories form.  As far as I can tell submissions are not posted on the website.  What are they using them for?  I think it would be wonderful if they were made public.  I also think libraries should allow patrons to share their stories with us.  I’d love to hear stories from the community about how the library has helped them or could help them.

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  1. Nicolle Nani · · Reply

    Definitely a great blog post about the topic, keep up the great work and I wish to read even more of your stuff in the longer term.


  2. Hi, I was wondering if you know if this initiative has passed and how i could help. I am presenting about this idea in one of my classes. Thanks in advance


    1. Unfortunately I can’t find any information specifically addressing the National Digital Literacy Corps. It was mentioned in the plan in section 9.3 which falls under Adoption and Utilization. You can see progress for that section here but it does not include a National Digital Literacy Corps.


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