Top Ten Links Week 11

My personally selected top 10 from the links I shared on Twitter from 3/12/2010 thru 3/18/2010

1. Media Skills Integrated into Core Standards #transliteracy – A draft of K-12 standards put forth by the National Governor’s Association, as part of theCommon Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI), integrates media skills as a key design consideration of these standards.

2. love this picture of the social media bandwagon – from @jimmy1712‘s blog.via @theREALwikimanv- even better it has a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license!

3. Excellent primer on covering FCC broadband plan and why it matters via @knightfdn @ibarguen:

This is an issue that will touch just about every reader, viewer, listener and online user. After all, 35 percent of Americans (about 100 million people) do not have broadband access

4. FCC Proposes Digital Literacy Corps from the Libraries and Transliteracy blog

For millions of Americans, libraries and other public computing centers are important venues for free Internet access. Libraries are established institutions where non-adopters know they can access the Internet, but community centers, employment offices, churches and other social service offices play increasingly important roles. Low-income Americans and racial and ethnic minorities, in particular, rely on public institutions and community access centers for Internet access. Over half (51%) of African Americans and 43% of Hispanics who use the Internet do so at a public library.

5. “Making Sense of Privacy and Publicity danah boyd’s talk from SXSW

6. The death of the library book RT @civillibrarian: Interesting piece on public libraries in Salon

I wonder who this design is supposed to attract. If you’re not middle-class, college-educated, and adorned with an iPhone or laptop — or, more to the funding point, a potential donor — I have my doubts about how inviting this is.

7. I really need to start doing this! The Lost Practice of Resting One Day Each Week – there are some great reasons to take time off:  Healthier body, Less stress, Deeper relationships, Opportunity for reflection, Balance, Increased production, Reserve for life’s emergencies

8. RT @buffyjhamilton: “Nobody, but Nobody Can Make It Out Here Alone” – try Skype to connect with others when time and distance prevent you from doing it face to face.

9. Love this quote! “Knowledge isn’t power; the ability to act on knowledge is power ” from Should Honesty Be the Policy in Your Office?

10. HBR – the cardinal rule of rules: never break a rule

Creative Commons licensed photo from Matt Hamm on flickr

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