Top Ten Links – Week 3

CC image used courtesy of holeymoon on flickr

My hand selected best links I shared on Twitter from 1/14/2010 through 1/21/2010 in no particular oder:

  1. not enuf women have what it takes to behave like arrogant self-aggrandizing jerks Clay Shirky’s “Rant About Women” post. Both men and women should read this. I meant to blog my reaction to it but have run out of time, I may still do it next week. In a nutshell I agree with him.
  2. RT @toptechtrends @sirexkathryn Talking about copia – @griffey and about blio #alamwttt#alamw10 – Take a look at bliocopia, I know I mentioned them in my Top Tech Trends notes, but these 2 things are probably the biggest changes we’ve seen to ebooks and how they work
  3. sad to hear so much focus on tools & not the service they provide or needs they meet #alamw10 – This isn’t a link, its one of my tweets but I think it’s so important I’m including it. If you’ve heard me speak you’ve heard me say stop focusing on the tools, focus on your patrons and what’s best for them.
  4. The Most Important Success Tip: Stop Lying Down with Dogs, Already from Johnny Truant over at Copyblogger. Did you know your salary & your habits are a reflection of the 5 people you spend the most time with?   No, this article isn’t telling you to ditch your friends, and it provides some good advise.
  5. stop judging yourself as “better” or “worse” than other people this post from The Confidence Guy blog is a response to Stop Lying Down with Dogs has some great thoughts too, including “…you need to stop judging yourself as “better” or “worse” than other people, which means you start thinking of yourself less, rather than thinking less of yourself.”
  6. RT @theanalogdivide: So Gale is saying we should demand the right to choose which vendor screws us over?  This tweet is in response to Gale’s Open Letter to the Library Community which is a response to Ebsco’s announcement that they will be the exclusive provider of content from many popular magazines. Read more here, here and here
  7. New LJ Column on User ExperienceAaron Schmidt’s new Library Journal Column – The User Experience
  8. Anticipating Apple Tablet, Amazon Bumps Kindle Royalty Cut – I think we’re all anticipating the Tablet 🙂
  9. RT @ALALearning: RT @TheLiB: I am the newest contributor the to ALA Learning blog. Hurrah! YAY Sarah! – Sarah Houghton-Jan of Librarian in Black fame joins the crew (Peter,Maurice, Betha, Buffy, Lori, Marianne, Lauren, Paul, Jay, Stephanie and me! ) over at the ALA Learning Blog.
  10. Library Day in the Life Round 4 begins Monday January 25th don’t forget to sign up – did you really think I wouldn’t include a mention of Day in the Life? 🙂 Go sign up.

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