Vooks = Books + Online Video = Tranliteracy

A vook blends the text of a book with video into one story.  I’m fascinated by this new this new multimedia approach to books.  I have no idea if it will be successful, I can’t really see the appeal for fiction, but for something like a fitness or other how-to books I can see having a video as an advantage for demonstration.  Think of all the how-to videos on YouTube. You get the advantages of text and video in one.

Part of my fascination is due to the great example of transliteracy this provides. It is providing information through multiple media formats. We often see text in videos or on images.  We are used to seeing videos embedded on websites and blogs. This does seem like the next logical step. But I wonder if it will really take off, maybe for a small market

I’d like to see this affect ereaders, they can display text and images, and we are all waiting for color, why not video too?

2 thoughts on “Vooks = Books + Online Video = Tranliteracy

  1. My students love any book that has an interactive online “extension” . Invisible I (Amamnda Project) is one that they rave about. Extending the reading experience online actually increases the students’ interest in checking out more books. Now I have students who purposely ask if a particular book has an online component. I now print labels for the inside back cover listing the author’s website and any related book links.


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