Sneaking the Social Web into Your Library: Tips Tricks & Just Plain Sneaky Tactics

One of my presentations from Notes from the 2009 Internet Librarian Conference with Erin Downey Howerton

Sneaking the Social Web into Your Library

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Erin’s slides and blog post

I mentioned during the Q&A that you can do all sorts of things with RSS. An audience member asked me if I could include some of that information in my post. Here goes

David Rothman’s Favorite RSS Resources and Tools *start here*

  • Explaining RSS
  • Resources to help you choose a feed aggregator
  • Google Reader Tips and Plug-ins
  • RSS-to-Email tools
  • Publishing RSS content on Web Pages
  • Web-Based RSS-to-Web-Page tools
  • Hosted RSS-to-Web-Page Tools
  • Feed mashing and filtering tools and Creating feeds for pages that don’t offer them

From Mashable The Ultimate RSS Toolbox – 120+ RSS Resources includes

  • readers
  • rss to email converters
  • feed validators, plugins
  • mixer
  • ping tools
  • directories and tips & hacks.

It’s ok if you don’t know what all of those are, bookmark it for later when you do.

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