Steven Bell – Design Your Way to a Future Proof Library

Notes from the 2009 COMO conference in Columbus GA

Design your way to a future proof library

What does organizational fitness mean?

Pennsylvania clear cut forests now beautiful national forests

Lumber industry did not make it thru the 1920s, they did not future proof, just clear cut without any thought to the future

When was the last time you exercised with books in your library? There is some connection between personal fitness and organizational fitness, it has to do with commitment to change

Darwin, survival of the fitness, natural selection,

Future proofing – issue of library journal

trying to put a system in place in the future

what should we be doing to make sure our org stays fit, stays strong so we can keep doing all the important things we’re doing

don’t try to predict the future instead use design thinking, instructional design

clip from jim Collins, good to be paranoid

Only the Paranoid Survive – book by Andrew S. Cline
Inflection curve, always going through a cycle of improvement and decline, when you get to the inflection point you either continue to go up or you go down, and start the cycle over again

One of the most disruptive things is when a new product or service comes along and causes a problem for your business.

What’s a problem for libraries? Google, they stole our lunch

Focus on the customer experience, not the technology

The Deep Dive: The Design Thinking Process, segment of the Nightline show with Ted Kopel

Bright orange vest for student workers!

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