Market yourself market your library – Lori Reed

Notes from the 2009 COMO conference in Columbus GA

Market yourself market your library – Lori Reed

PTA group has a facebook page that is very successful

Traditional marketing vs 2.0 marketing – 2 way exchange, ppl are talking about your library, whether you’re listening or not

Traditional market 4 Ps – Product pricing placement promotion

Marketing 2.0 4 Cs – consumer collaboration

Mistake ppl make is they jump right in & start producing – stop doing this, you’re putting the cart in front of the horse.

Build a marketing plan
1. Identify a need
2. Research – find out what other ppl or libs are doing to meet that need.
3. Identify the audience
4. Identify objectives
5. Identify message, what you do want to say?
6. find the right tools
7. implement
8. Evaluate – how will you know it worked?

Focus on number 6 the tools
Can your users find you?
Are you on google? Add your info if you’re not
List your library on free wifi hotspots sites
You can list your programs and storytimes on Craigslist
Blogs can be used in a number of different ways, book reviews, video of children’s storytimes, tie community events to library books & other resources
Facebook page – problem with admins
Flickr – announce that you are taking pics that they can do look at later, discussion on legality of images on flickr without a photo release
Youtube – training videos, patrons created, events etc

Need a team, its too much for a one person, it would be a full time job!

You need to monitor your brand

Keep your content up to date, if not get rid of it. Better to not have a precense at all than to have an outdated one

Don’t under estimate the staff time it takes, one person can not do it.

Stick to your message

Duplicate content
Talk to the users in their space


Keep up with Lori at her blog.

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