Digital Divide

Knight Commission on the Information Needs of Communities in a Democracy Warns of “Second Class Citizens” in the Digital Age

The Knight Foundation has released a new report Information Needs of Communities in a Democracy. A good deal of the content either is or could be applies to libraries.  The entire report is 148  pages, you can also download a 2 page summary that includes recommendations like these

  • 2: Increase support for public service media aimed at meeting community information needs.  Read more …
  • 6: Integrate digital and media literacy as critical elements of education at all levels through collaboration among federal, state, and local education officials.  Read more …
  • 7: Fund and support public libraries and other community institutions as centers of digital and media training, especially for adults.  Read more …
  • 10: Support the activities of information providers to reach local audiences with quality content through all appropriate media, such as mobile phones, radio, and public-access cable.  Read more …
  • 12: Engage young people in developing the digital information and communication capacities of local communities.  Read more …
  • 14: Emphasize community information flow in the design and enhancement of a local community’s public spaces..  Read more …
  • 15: Ensure that every local community has at least one high-quality online hub.  Read more …

The Foundation has also taken actions that affect libraries:

$3.3 million to improve free, public Internet access in libraries in 12 communities

$2.28 million in broadband access projects in underserved neighborhoods in three cities

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