Yes I am a Digital Branch Manager, No I Do Not Regularly Build Bonfires of Print Books in My Backyard & Dance Around Wearing Warpaint

CC image courtesy of mikel_duke on flickr
CC image courtesy of mikel_duke on Flickr

Not regularly, actually, not ever.  I keep seeing the perception that by going digital, being aware of and, gasp! even using technology means that librarians and libraries are throwing aside traditionally services in favor of sexy new toys like Twitter.  That in order for a library to have a Facebook profile first we have sacrifice 100 books to the Social Media gods.

As a Digital Branch Manager I have nothing against books, heck, I think we should have more books. At home, in my personal library, I probably have more books at home than some of my “traditional” peers.  Do not get rid of the books.

I do think libraries need to develop along with the society they serve.

I don’t understand the people who want libraries to continue to be about the book; solely about the ink and paper book.  The world is evolving at an amazing rate, nothing is standing still. Why shouldn’t libraries move forward?  If we stand still how will we serve our patrons as they move forward?

So many people see the addition of new services as a threat to the old.  I don’t think anyone is planning to throughout the baby with the bathwater. Evolution isn’t easy, sometimes its painful, some attempts will die off, but it is necessary. The world is changing, faster every day, if we can’t change with it we will be left behind. The people who need and want libraries in all their forms will go without.

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5 thoughts on “Yes I am a Digital Branch Manager, No I Do Not Regularly Build Bonfires of Print Books in My Backyard & Dance Around Wearing Warpaint

  1. I am puzzled by the reaction to the CNN article. It basically said what I have been thinking for a while. Libraries are about providing a service to their communities, it isn’t solely about books. If libraries focus on just books instead of all the service they provide, it’s the equivalent of Amtrak thinking they are in the train business instead of the transportation business.


  2. The library is dead…long live the library. I feel like there is nothing new about this argument…and every time I hear someone who has half a brain talk, they say, the book isn’t going anywhere, it’s the best portable piece of info. But yes, the library is also about storytime, computer access (yes, there still is a little thing called the digital divide), and book groups. When I talked to a librarian about going to library school, I said, I like people and books. She said, the people part is really important.


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