CLENERT changes its name to LearnRT and gets a new site, what next?

Well, I’ll be blogging for them for starters!  Along with the recent name change from CLENE to Learn the decision was made to move to a new site and add more bloggers. I’m thrilled to be included in the number and working with:

The new blog/website, ALA Learning, will feature training and learning news, information, best practices and thoughtful discussion.

About the Learn Round Table:

  • LearnRT, formerly CLENERT, is the Learning Round Table of the American Library Association.
  • LearnRT promotes quality continuing education for all library personnel. We help you NETWORK with other CE providers for the exchange of ideas, concerns and solutions.
  • LearnRT serves as your SOURCE for CE assistance, publications, materials, training and activities.
  • LearnRT is your ADVOCATE for quality library CE at both the local and national levels.
  • More information on the LearnRT
  • LearnRT membership is only $20 on top of your regular ALA membership and includes a FREE membership to the American Management Association. More information on LearnRT membership
  • Questions? Please contact:

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