Day in the Life of Me – Day 2

  • I took these notes today as part of The Day in the Life project, if you would like to read more please see the wiki, if you’re interested in how it all got started read this post
  • Wake up before the alarm, whats up with that?
  • Coffee, email, Twitter, Facebook
  • Discovered email response from a comment I left on a Day in the Life blog last night asking about the recipe for roasted peach ice cream – hurray! I will SO be making this this weekend
  • Check calendar and weather before leaving for work, only one meeting, lets hope it stays that way, and its supposed to rain, scrap original outfit that include purple suede pumps (suede and rain are not friends)
  • Add a couple of things to my shopping list, hope I get to 6  (free shipping for 6 or more items) before I run out of contact solution. I’ve used twice and so far I love it, I compared prices on my first order to Target and Alice was cheaper on everything but canned dog food. Plus using it keeps me out of Target and away from impulse buys, that’s a money saving win right there.
  • Arrive at work, email, then take a look at our online resources page in preparation for Database committee meeting tomorrow, notice we don’t have a medical one, add medline plus which leads to too much time tweaking the page. The website had gone through many many hands over the last couple of years, as a result the code is a mess. I try not to get too caught up in fixing is though as we’ll completely replacing it, hopefully by the end of the year.
  • Sent Buffy’s post to our teen librarian to see if she thinks the kids my like something like that from the public library
  • head downstairs with the EEE (which desperately needs a cool nickname) to do some writing in the study carrels.   I do this because it gets me away from my desk, otherwise I might never leave it, it gets me some sunshine, despite being on Management row, I have no window.

    working in the sunlight
    Working outside the office
  • Write definition of Super Friends will do and what I’m looking for in potential members )the official name of this group is FIT – Future, Innovation and Technology)
  • Notice that people are using #librarydayinthelife as a hash tag on twitter, wish we could have thought up something shorter to use, maybe next time
  • Think about how being Management limits how much of my day can really be blogged
  • Notice blog is down, getting a 500 error, email Blake, he emails back within 5 minutes that he’s on it and will keep me updated hurrah!
  • Go through my Friends, CVL (any mentions of my library on the net) and Daily folders in Google Reader, these are my priority reads. I have 12 folders total.
  • Think about how one obstacle to a culture of change is the Martyr Syndrome, remind myself I bought The No Complaining Rule to read and make a note to locate it tonight when I get home to see if it address this at all, also book mark some pages, have a Twitter and email conversation about it, think maybe it deserves a blog post next week
  • Just try to take it
    Just try to take it, I triple dog dare ya
  • ran errands, post office, picked up new meds for Big Dog, they’ve changed his dosage again, back in my office
  • Look for fun stuff to give out to staff
  • Talk with Head of Teen Services about the email I sent her earlier, trying to decide if we should do bags for Teens or Teachers, call ends with her saying – something just fell gotta go.
  • Back to my to-do list
  • Spend some time in Twitter, see a remind that Computers in Libraries deadline is early this year 9/15/2009, send tweet out for co-presenters, get good responses, put proposal writing on my calendar for Saturday
  • Work on writing our Social Media Policy part of which includes Flickr. All of this will be included in the Digital Branch Guide/Bible/Manifesto.  I can find a LOT of libraries using Flickr but no one with a policy addressing it.

    Preparing to lunge
    Small Dog prepares to leap
  • Meeting with a reference employee about being part of the Super Friends, take a walk down stairs with him at 5 so we can continue conversation. End up having a great convo with him and the Head of Reference about general online needs.
  • Back to my office, its a ghost town up here!
  • Head home, plans for tonight walk and play with the guyzos, read Day in the Life blogs, work on Policies, reading and listening to new Diana Krall album

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