Do you understand Facebook’s privacy settings?

photo by practicalowl

They are complicated and change often, even if you think you know them this is a good time to review them.

Think it doesn’t matter? That you don’t care if the whole world sees what you’ve posted?  What if Facebook was using your photo in ads? They might be. I came across this blog post today about Facebook could be using your photos in their ads.  To change this option > Settings -> Privacy -> News Feed and Wall -> Facebook Ads -> Appearance in Facebook Ads and click “no one.”

I had no idea this was even an option or possibility and I pay pretty close attention to my facebook privacy settings.

Some additional helpful info on Facebook and privacy:

8 thoughts on “Do you understand Facebook’s privacy settings?

  1. I had no idea that was an option either! Even better: accessing my account in Firefox didn’t even show the option (the Facebook Ads tab had no text). I had to view it in IE to see the text -fortunately mine was already set to ‘no one.’

    Good grief, Facebook.


  2. Great article! I remember talking to you about Facebook, and can’t believe that there are so many features on there that I have overlooked. Well worth checking out…


  3. oh please! Why would I care if they use my photo in their ad? and what is the likelihood that they do that? I think that for 99.99% of people this has absolutely no effect, and for the remaining .01%- they probably want to be on the ad anyway…


    1. If you read the original post I linked to they were doing it without permission to someone who didn’t want it to happen. Companies can not use your image for advertising without your permission.

      It always a good idea to be aware of the privacy settings of any site you’re using.


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