Robin Hastings – Web 3.0

Symantec tagging
Microformats – hcard
Web as a database – rdf, subset of xml
Instead of holding all info in proprietary databases data will be coded
SPARQL – sql for rdf
Web as application – mashups
How many security issues are we looking at? Shouldn’t put any info out there that is sensitive
Has anyone looked at DDS attacks against this sort of thing, it would be pretty easy to take one down – no that she knows of
When you say microformats I think fiche – what does microformat mean in a web3.0 context – way to tag your content in a semantic way, defines text
Are we putting metadata in there, like subject headings? doesn’t know of one geared towards books
Tim Donahue – Zotero (FF extension) uses a lot of microformats
Are there any CMS embracing microformats? Drupal has modules that will produce content in microformat and maybe wordpress

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