Monitor your brand

Carie Lewis has a great guide to monitoring your brand using iGoogle, it’s easy, free and most of us already have a Google account, plus it pulls all the information into one place.

She includes 5 different categories:

  • Brand – mentions of your name, including acronyms, misspellings, etc
  • Current – issues that people are talking about that involve you right now
  • Detractors – people you know don’t like you but talk about you
  • Competition – people in the same space as you
  • Staff – prominent people in your org, like your CEO

And includes a great list of places you should monitoring:

  • Google Alerts – I hope you know what they are and are already using them!
  • Filtrbox – a paid monitoring service to make sure we catch everything
  • Tweetmeme – tells you the most popular tweets about a subject
  • Twitter Search – shows tweets containing a certain keyword (we don’t use this anymore because we use Tweetdeck separately)
  • Technorati – shows blogs that mention certain keywords
  • Blogpulse – another blog monitoring tool
  • Digg – shows most popular articles on the web
  • Boardreader – shows forum posts by keyword

Some additional readings

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