Change is coming – a new job for me

There is no way to say this other than to just come out and say it.

Effective May 18th I will be the Digital Branch Manager of the Chattahoochee Valley Regional Library System.  This is a new position they have created for the purpose of planning, building and managing the Digital Branch, its going to be a lot of fun (and hard work!)  I’m excited, nervous and about 20 other emotions right now, but most of all I’m really looking forward to it!

For those of you looking at your atlas CVRLS is in Columbus, Georgia, which means I will be spending the next couple of weeks packing my things and relocating.   😉


29 Replies to “Change is coming – a new job for me”

  1. What?!? No more Bobbi at Library Camp Kansas or NEKLS Tech Day? Phooey!

    But not to be completely self-centered…congratulations! The new job sounds really cool! Good for you!


  2. Congrats, guess will have to keep tabs on your blog and twitter to see how things are going. Hope everything will go smoothly on the move.


  3. Congratulations! This sounds like a job that will keep you interested and excited, always good.


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