Implementing CMS: Public

Aubri Keleman, Teen Services & Web Coordinator, Whatcom County Library System

Tao Gao, Live2Create Interactive

Aubri –

Rumba with Joomla

What is a cms and why is it wicked cool?  The webmaster doesn’t have to do anything


  • collect stats
  • review your brand
  • collect photos – tell a story
  • focus groups
  • set explicit goals in priority order

redesign questions

  • do staff and leadership know why a new website is needed
  •  which cms is best for us
  • what can we afford money vs time vs design
  • how much staff time can we put into the redesign & upkeep;
  • do you need to outsource or do you have the talent you need on staff
  • how will decisions be made, who gets the final say
  • who is the best for the website
  • how will staff be involved in the redesign process
  • what project management tool should we use – blogs and wikis, they used a wiki

 goal wc3 compliant

new page –


  • increased user feedback
  • more content, more up to date content
  • users spend more time on our site
  • improved navigation
  • w3c compliant
  • flexibility


  • you cant limit authors to just one page or section
  • calendar
  • migration

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